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  • Is it important to know your worth?

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    13 avril 2022 à 2h14

    <font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>Knowing your worth can be a difficult thing. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think of you and to let their opinions shape how you see yourself. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>However, it’s important to remember that your net worth is not dependent on what other people think of you. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>Your worth is internal and it comes from within. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>It’s based on how you see yourself and how you value yourself. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>Regardless of what other people might say or think, you are the only one who knows your true worth knowing. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>So, don’t let anyone else define you or tell you what you are worth. </font><font style= »vertical-align: inherit; »>Only you can do that. </font></font>

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